All About DCFS "You"

Skills Assessments, Certification Courses and Personality Assessments are just a few features all dedicated to you.

As Simple As ABC!

A. Take the Introductory Course

This course provides you with a variety of professional development topics that are relevant to your work environment.

B. Unlock More Courses and Assessments

Once you complete the Introductory Course, you can then take the Essential Skills Assessment and receive an Individualized Learning Plan based on your interests and focus for professional growth. You can also unlock the Personality Assessment, Daily Podcasts and much more!

C. Go For More and Open the Door

When you earn three certifications in any category, our training partner, Success Training Institute will donate a soft skills training scholarship to high schools serving at risk teens in our state. Your commitment to professional growth can open the door for someone in need! YOU Can Make A Difference!