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The Comfort Zone

We all enjoy being comfortable. From the clothes we wear to the foods we eat and everything in between, comfort is a high priority. However,

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Fat Free

We live in a society that has become obsessed with eliminating fat from foods. Yogurt is now preferred over ice cream because it’s lower in

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Grand Prize Winners

We live in a highly competitive world. Everyone wants to win and win big. In sports, athletes chase trophies and gold medals. In academics, students

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Made from Scratch

Back in the day, our grandparents and great-grandparents made all their meals from scratch. No canned foods, no processed ingredients; everything was fresh and created

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Oxygen Mask

Flight attendants are required to make a presentation to the passengers just before each plane ride. This includes details about the oxygen mask and what

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It’s Party Time

Parties are a major part of every culture and most of us look for a reason to celebrate. Believe or not, when you run your

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Risk and Reward

It seems as if every reward comes with some degree of risk. In professional sports, athletes face the constant risk of injury. In politics, candidates

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