Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How long are the classes within each course?

This empowerment platform was designed with your hectic schedule in mind. All lessons in the library of courses are 8 minutes or less! Success Training Institute pioneered the SIPS Instructional method, which supports the premise that people learn better in small  SIPS as opposed to large GULPS. Go ahead, take a SIP Today!

Is the platform mobile friendly?

Absolutely! Over 80 percent of our learners take courses from their mobile devices. Because the world is now in our phones, your professional development should be there as well.

Who Should I Contact with Questions?

Contact Simply Success directly by using the chat feature on the site. 

How Can I See the Results of My Personality Test?

The results will be emailed to the address on file in the system. If you don’t receive your results within a few minutes of taking the test, send your name and email through the chat and our team will pull the results and send them to you right away!

What’s the Minimum Score Needed to Pass the Quizzes After Each Lesson?

An 80 percent or better is all you need to pass the quizzes. Keep in mind, there only 5 – 8 questions after each video. You can always rewind the lessons and you can re-take tests in the unlikely event you don’t pass the first time.

Why Does the System Only Allow Me to Take A Few Classes Per Week in Each Course?

Research shows that binging courses reduces the ability to retain information. Therefore, you are given time between lessons to focus on applying the concepts before moving to the next classes.

Can I Add the Certifications I Earn to My Resume?

Absolutely! According to Harvard University research, 85% of career success is based on well-developed soft skills. By earning certifications in these skills, you also boost your career potential.

Once I Take the Essential Skills Assessment, Can I Take Courses Outside of Those the System Recommends?

You can indeed. The Individualized Learning Plan offered by the system serves as a guide based on your responses. However, should you decide to take additional courses, you have the freedom to do that too!

Can I Take Assessments More than Once?

Yes, you can! When it comes to the personality assessment, you will get a new email breakdown of your personality each time you complete the test. The system also saves the last Essential Skills Assessment you take and updates your Individualized Learning Plan each time.

How Can I Give Feedback About My Experience?

Your thoughts, recommendations and other feedback is important to us. You can send correspondence through the chat, via email ( or by completing the end of course survey at the end of selected courses. Our goal is to take your feedback and make the platform even better for you!

Are There Any Other Benefits to Completing My Certification Courses?

Success Training Institute donates soft skills training scholarships to those less fortunate once you earn at least 3 certifications! When you learn, you unlock the door for someone else to do the same.