Making a Difference

Making A Difference

Success Training Institute (aka STI) is pleased to present its Global Success Initiative to the team members at the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). This philanthropic arm of our company is a crucial component of our business model. It allows us to empower those in need by providing Essential Skills Scholarships to less fortunate members of our society.

You Earn Three, A Teen Goes Free

Once you earn three certifications (in any category) on the DCFSU Platform, our company will award an Essential Skills Scholarship to a teen in an economically disadvantaged area of Louisiana. Essential skills (also known as soft skills) are highly regarded by employers and have been proven to increase employability, retention and workplace productivity.

STI works closely with local workforce boards throughout the United States and has developed a proven soft skills training ecosystem designed to elevate social, emotional and workplace competencies amongst its participants. There is a customized platform for the scholarship recipients to access which connects them to the certification courses in Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Interviewing, Effective Decision Making and much more. Success Training Institute is the only Ed Tech company that matches the efforts of its clients with scholarships to those in need.

Your Efforts = Local Impact

As you experience the DCFS version of our essential skills platform, we encourage you to earn as many certifications as you desire, while keeping in mind our commitment to match your efforts with scholarships to at risk teens. The scholarships will be provided to the following high schools which will distribute them based on both merit and need to its respective student populations.

• Booker T Washington (Shreveport)
• Carroll High School (Monroe)
• Southern University Lab School (Baton Rouge)
• Lincoln Prep (Grambling)
• Bogalusa High School
• McDonald 35 College Prep (New Orleans)

Thanks To You

Because of your efforts to grow professionally by earning certifications on the DCFSU Platform, students at these high schools will be able to gain the skills they need to excel in the workplace and in life. They’ll have an opportunity to gain work experience through our Virtual Internship Programs, earn certifications that will boost their resume and their confidence; and receive the necessary training required to increase their emotional intelligence.

Thank you in advance for your participation on this platform as we trust it will benefit you greatly while providing a much-needed boost to countless at-risk teens in the state of Louisiana.

Our goal is to empower 2,500 teens with scholarships based on the collective efforts of DCFS team members.

Together we can all make a difference!

Thank you and happy learning!

Success Training Institute Leadership Team.